Tyler's sporty disc road bike is almost complete. He's just waiting on his new wheels. So hopefully I can get some pics of the final build. This ride will also have fenders painted to match.
The cx season is trudging along, with plenty of mud, beer, and good racing. Woodland Park was amazing again this season. Everybody gets so amped for that race. Which is why I think it's so fun. Up next is SSCXWC in Philly. Should be a good time. Here are some pics of Robert's belt drive ride. The color turned out nice, especially with the stainless fenders painted to match.


This planet has lost the amazing enigma known as Rastus. He was suffering from organ failure, and just couldn’t go on. Such a fighter! So many people have been touched by his ridiculous personality, off the charts energy, and his quirky habits. Rastus had a fun filled, active life. He’s been to many different parts of the country, and chewed the bark off a tree at every spot. He’s the best trail companion. I think he could have lead people on a ride on Galbraith better than some humans were able to. Just get used to coming down “Pollo Elastico”, that trail was his shred session. Rastus loved the water, or hated it. It was hard to tell, the way he barked and carried on when around water. “What is he doing?”, a question we were asked, often. And with no answer. I love that Buddy so much. You will be missed Rastus. If anyone is interested, I’m riding to the Animal Emergency to get Raz Monday morning and take him to Fountain Vet for one last ride in the sidecar. I’ll leave my house about 7am, and leave from the hospital close to 8am. We’ll roll through Cornwall Park, his fave. Everyone is welcome to join. R.I.P. Bubba 1/21/99-10/5/13


Today Bellingham BMX is hosting it's first race!! Head over and show your support. Building and running a track is a lot of hard work. And this track is amazing!!


It's May. And the weather has been spectacular. Very NW summer time weather. However, June is just around the corner. And so I'm sure there will be more chilly, wet days ahead. It's hard to believe that both big rides, Ronde van Whatcom and the Taint Tuff IV, had primo weather. But some stomach issues kept me from finishing the Taint. But I still had a good ride, and super fun times after the ride. Thanks to Nat for doing most of the organizing, and to everyone that showed up. Next friday is bike to work and school day. B'ham celebrates this day pretty hard. With celebration stations all over town. The best stop is at the Hub Community Bike Shop. I wouldn't miss the pancake feed for nothing. It's early, but a lot of riders go there and eat and drink it up!


It's been a great Spring Classics season, with some great racing. The Ronde van Whatcom had the best weather ever. 60's and sun! Not very classics like, but a real nice for riding. This weekend is the Pedalers Fair in Seattle. Last year was a great time with cool vendors. We'll be there again this year. Swing on by and say "howdy".


While the pros are suffering in the cold, we're having stellar spring weather for the Classics. Tomorrow is the my favorite bike race of the year, the Ronde van Vlaanderen. Tomorrow is also the Ronde van Whatcom, a little ride I put together to celebrate the raddest race on the schedule. The ride is approx 150+km. There are lots of short steepish climbs, as well as a few sections of unpaved roads. I run Vittoria Pavé 27 wide tubulars. Makes for a really nice ride. Breakfast at Mount Bakery around 8:00-8:30 for anyone interested. Ride leaves HQ at 10am. There will be food, brew, and a ridiculously chocolate cake after the ride. And we'll watch how the Pros rode that day.


Well, 2013 NAHBS is in the books. I had a great time talking to friends old and new. The weather pretty much sucked, but it was fun other than that. Here's some pics of the steampunk bike. I'm happy with how it turned out.


NAHBS is this weekend! Here a few reasons to swing by booth #905 and say "Howdy", first there will be free chocolate and will be giving away 4 of their cycling caps. Second, Michelle's travel touring bike, with Swift Ind. bags. Third, steampunk bike. See ya there. Swift Ind.


NAHBS is a week away! Just fine tuning the bikes I'm bringing along. Swing by booth 905, and check out Michelle's touring bike, and the steampunk bike.


Well it's 2013. 2012 was the best year for donkelope bikes. Most bikes out the door, more people attending events, so thanks to everyone for supporting. Today is my best friends birthday. Rastus is 14! Big things coming this year. We'll be at NAHBS in Denver. SSUSA is in Minnesota. SSCXWC will be in Philly. Looking forward to all these good times celebrating bikes. Back to work...NAHBS will be here sooner than later.