since there isn't one yet, here's a fixie frame and fork. turned out nice. all True Temper OX Platinum tubing. G
well it's almost september, and it feels like summer hasn't really started yet. that's the northwest for ya. great riding weather/conditions, but no heat. cool, crisp mornings. clear skies. maybe some out of town riding trips. not so busy and all. working on a cargo trailer, that doubles as a chariot for rastus. it would be nice to go on longer rides and camp. this way, raz could come with. he'll shred off-road all day, but not the pavement. pictures will be posted. also, starting work on a tandem. should be good. putting the finishing touches on the web master's new ss frame. that's it. G


not too much going on around here. working too much at the "day" job. we're still waiting for summer to set in. i don't think it's going to happen. still good weather for riding though. here's a pic from a recent ride on our local trails. this little critter could be a trail hazard! does anyone make a traction tires for slugs? nice shiny cranks for the ss. good old reliable square taper bb. i love it. and the newest frame, a light ass true temper tube shred machine. it has a mid bb and tiny dropouts. late,G