yo, here are some pics of the webmaster's new ss frame. it's not really the season for a new ride but, hey it's a new ride! speaking of new, donkelope bikes is getting some custom hats made. it'll be a month or so before they are available. they are handmade from recycled clothing. merino wool to be more specific. should be good. also working on a tandem in my free time. it'll be a more city cruiser type. with an internal speed hub. late, G
go pack!


here is tom's welded ox platinum, compact, road frame. it looks good. ernesto at fanatik bikes, put it together for tom, and took it out on a test ride. and thought it was rad. packers are still rolling! late, G

here's a seasonal pic of raz. he got his hairs cut. this is the time of year when everything is muddy. especially him. so this is one way to keep the house a little cleaner. G