howdy, we've got some pics of some machined bmx goodies. now my favorite part, putting them together! went to the "cookin' in the kettles" mtb race at fort ebey today. awesome course! unfortunately, some trail terrorists moved some tape around. since we have not ever rode there, it took us awhile to figure out where to go(there are trails all over the place). so long, we missed our start times. bummer. jill deciced not to race, and i entered expert. the race went well. i took 3rd in age and i think 6th or 7th overall? i would've rather been with the ssers to promote it's own class. oh well, next time pre-ride earlier. the big water shot is on the course! it's a trail that runs along the edge of a bluff. amazing.


yo all, some new goings on here. integrated headtubes. k dub showed me some tricks on how to produce these. k dub came out to shred and see Fu Manchu. both happened, and both were awesome. k dub is a machinist/tool maker living in Wisco. but i'm trying to get him out to the coast. the guys up at cache creek cycles wanted some bmx frames with integrated headsets. standard press in cups will still be the norm on donkelopes. but if someone wants an integrated headset, it's an option. new tees should be here any day. pics to follow. late, g


i'm sure everyone has heard the news by now. Brett Favre is calling it quits. this came as a little bit of a shock to me, just because last season was so rad, yet ended so bad. it is his life, although a lot of people make a part of Favre's life, a part of their own lives. including me. it's a little sad to think i won't see no. 4 throw another td. but that's ok, there are a lot of them to remember! i just want to say thanks Brett, you made watching Packer football Favretastic!!


march is now, and spring is near! there's been some good weather up in our corner lately. good enough to ride some street down in seattle before going to see the most ass kicking band, fu manchu! awesome day of riding and all of the bands rocked out. the openers were A.S.G. and Saviour. i'm definitely paying for the weekend now. but the sore neck is worth it. working on some integrated head tubes. pics soon.
late, G