well, the packers pretty much got kicked in the nuts on sunday. i'd rather they lose to the lions than lose to the bears. oh well, first round bye!! bring it! looks like donkelope bikes will represent at the NAHMBS this february in portland. should be a good time. i thougt the thing was full. but recently found out there were still spots available. hopefully not in the basement or anything. looking forward to it. that's it. go pack!! late, G


here at donkelope bikes, we hope everybody is having a great winter and a good holiday season. baker is finally getting some serious snow. everything is pretty much covered, so you can rip it up! the packers are still kicking tons of ass, and ready to storm the playoffs. 12-2, oh yeah!! here's a pic of the new tandem. minus paint. it's a blast to ride. 8 spd internal hub. nice town and country cruiser. the beanies and cycling caps will be picked up before the nude year. can't wait. that's all, G
go pack!


Well, it's december, and the snow has been flying...a little bit. mt baker was open for about a week, then some warm weather happened. we went up one day, a lot of exposed trees, stumps, rocks, etc. received the new decals. pretty sweet lookin'. they look good on my freshly powdercoated shred machine. putting some touches on the tandem before paint. and the custom fork. the beanies and caps should be on the way. then embroidery. go pack!


yo, here are some pics of the webmaster's new ss frame. it's not really the season for a new ride but, hey it's a new ride! speaking of new, donkelope bikes is getting some custom hats made. it'll be a month or so before they are available. they are handmade from recycled clothing. merino wool to be more specific. should be good. also working on a tandem in my free time. it'll be a more city cruiser type. with an internal speed hub. late, G
go pack!


here is tom's welded ox platinum, compact, road frame. it looks good. ernesto at fanatik bikes, put it together for tom, and took it out on a test ride. and thought it was rad. packers are still rolling! late, G

here's a seasonal pic of raz. he got his hairs cut. this is the time of year when everything is muddy. especially him. so this is one way to keep the house a little cleaner. G


ola, long time, no info. oh well. not too much to report. days are shorter, weather is wetter, but the packers are still kickin' ass. time to get ready for indoor track season. that means some fresh, new wheels. and a bigger gear. still painting kaveh's frame, and now building a road frame for tom. that's it. i'll try to update more. late, G



ahhh, what a game. the packers are the real deal. favre still has the spark, and the gun to win! beautiful alumni day at lambeau field. fall is great. after the game, since it is officially fall, we went to the trails to shred. a little work to be done on one of the berms. real fun. i actually hit a few doubles i hadn't tried before. and didn't crash! sweet! sorry, no pics this time. no one had a camera. that's it for today. go pack go! G


sunday am. finally went to the redone b'ham skatepark. freakin' sweet pool/bowl. deep & steep. just make sure to go early in the day to avoid any "bad vibes". but very worth it. sorry no pics yet, the weather wasn't the best. rode until the rain started, then headed home to watch the pack destroy the ny giants!! hell yeah! late, G


yesterday was the mt baker hill climb. it turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year. it was chill in the am, but clear skies made up for that. with a closed mt baker highway until 11:30 am, i was excited for the race. it was a fast & furious start, i guess 4 grand on the line will do that. the race really spread out when everyone hit the mountain. even though it's pretty much uphill for the entire 24.5 miles. the views were spectacular! i still don't know how i ended up. i do know i didn't outrace ned overend for the 4 gs(ned got 2nd). or even the seasons pass for mt baker. but i did bomb the still closed highway. that was sweet! back in glacier, there was warm sunshine and free massages. oh yeah. lots of people hung out for the awards and raffle. jill ended up 10th overall in the women's. so that meant she was buying pizza and brew at the north fork on the way home. unbelieveable day. G


since there isn't one yet, here's a fixie frame and fork. turned out nice. all True Temper OX Platinum tubing. G
well it's almost september, and it feels like summer hasn't really started yet. that's the northwest for ya. great riding weather/conditions, but no heat. cool, crisp mornings. clear skies. maybe some out of town riding trips. not so busy and all. working on a cargo trailer, that doubles as a chariot for rastus. it would be nice to go on longer rides and camp. this way, raz could come with. he'll shred off-road all day, but not the pavement. pictures will be posted. also, starting work on a tandem. should be good. putting the finishing touches on the web master's new ss frame. that's it. G


not too much going on around here. working too much at the "day" job. we're still waiting for summer to set in. i don't think it's going to happen. still good weather for riding though. here's a pic from a recent ride on our local trails. this little critter could be a trail hazard! does anyone make a traction tires for slugs? nice shiny cranks for the ss. good old reliable square taper bb. i love it. and the newest frame, a light ass true temper tube shred machine. it has a mid bb and tiny dropouts. late,G



here's a couple of pics of jake's bmx. it turned out nice. true temper bmx specific tubing. very tough and just under 5.5 lbs.

kaveh's ss

this is what's been going on around here. kaveh the webmaster's new single speed frame. a few more touch ups and it's ready for paint. built out of true temper ox platinum tubing, it should be light and responsive. now if i just knew what color to paint it. greg

padden race

july 8 was the padden mountain pedal. celebrating its 15th year, it's the longest running mtb race in washington. the race is part of the indie series. padden is definitely one of the best courses on the series. no flat, and lots of single track. there was a chaotic expert class start. every expert rider lined up for a mass start to a 6 foot wide trail. maybe 100 yards away. it was crazy but fun. i'm not sure what was up with the belly dancing. greg


donk gear

here are some tees and sweatshirts. various colors. the tees are american apparel.