hey everyone. i took the dv cam to the jam, and a few different people picked it up and shot. so here's what came of it. enjoy. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXyZSvLEoao


what a day at the trails. a lot of shredders showed up. it was awesome. dirt, beer, grillinz, muttlys. pretty much everything one could ask for. loads of fun. of course there were crashes. none too bad. i definitely fell a few times. and i'm feeling it today. but that's alright, all i had to do was get up to watch the final stage of le tour. carlos put the smackdown on alpe duez. and rode like "a man possessed" in the final tt. what a great tour. time to get busy. g


the weekend is upon us. what a sweet ass friday. went for an unexpected ride, that was awesome. unexpected in that i thought i'd be too busy today. a very mild summer day mtbing. headin' to a neighborhood party, with root beer floats! then take the tandem over to see the x files. i do want to believe it'll be good after such a long hiatus. tomorrow there is a jam at vaughn's trails. there are some scary sized jumps. hopefully, i won't get too hurt. there is the big final tt for le tour also. should be good. here's a random pic of my best riding buddy. rastus.


i enjoy coming home to see that the ups man has left a package. hopefully it's something neato. well, the cycling caps from shaun deller just showed up today. and they look sweet! off to the embroidery shop. i'll post pics when they are finished. the weather's been great for riding. not so good for the garden. just have to do some watering. went on a nice and long mtb ride yesterday with joe. it was a sweet ass ride. then to the house for a tasty homebrewed spruce ale. ahhhh, i feel refreshed. at least to make it down to bandito's for some din din. awesome weekend. le tour has been a lot of fun to watch this year. it's still anyone's race to win. later, g


well, the five laps for ss experts was changed at the line to six laps. ouch. there were a couple of riders that did the cream puff. so they're fit. and who voted for six laps. and who smoked all the other ss riders. i ended up third. just in front of joe. but he had a flat starting on the last downhill. mark puts on a great race. year after year. thanks mark, and whimps. some good beers with friends afterwards. awesome, but a little painful, way to spend a beautiful sunday in bellingham. late, g


well, tomorrow is the big padden mountain pedal. i'll be entering the race, but we'll see if i end up racing in it. the weather has been great, so it will at least be a good day for a ride. plus, there's always bandito's burritos to chomp at the race. here are a couple of frames with fresh paint. the black mtb ss has green metal flake. sweet. it is warm and sunny, but the cross frame is rad. a little bit of prep, and they are out the door. that's all for now. more on the race soon.


hopefully everyone had a good holiday weekend. and didn't blow any body parts up. the trip to mt saint helens was interesting. that place is not close to b'ham. but we managed to find a nice campsite, very late at night. we left for a ride that was supposed to be 15 miles. but then we started to run into snow. a lot of it. we figured that once we got onto the road, it wouldn't be so bad. it was way worse. hundreds of yards at a time, marching through the snow, in cycling shoes. so we decided not to take the trail back to finish the loop. we probably should have. we ended up riding forever. not really sure where to go. eventually we knew where to go. drank our sorrows away that night. and enough for the next night. if you want to mtb or hike at altitude at mt saint helens, wait until september. raz had to dig kevin out. wow.


happy birthday america! well, almost. we're loadin' up, and headin' down to st helens for the holiday weekend. get in some camping, mtbing, and get raz away from some fireworks. he gets freaked out. the weather is trying to be lame, thunderstorms and rain. but i'm hoping for a break. the rain will definitely help the trails. it's been quite dry here lately. i'm looking forward to lots of ridin', views of the volcano, beer, and relaxing. have a good weekend everyone. late, g