what sweet weather we've been getting lately. it's hard to stay indoors. raz, the spoiled brat, just acquired a new toy. the "tail wagon" is his new chariot. he is getting along in years. he still rips the trails like a sum bitch, but on the way home he starts to slow it down. he is still getting used to it. he isn't jumping out, so that's a good thing. it's good to have my fav ridin' buddy back on the trail.


hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. i sure did. i learned that memorial day started way back in 1865 or so. civil war time. i thought it was a newer day than that. friday night the Melvins played at the showbox in seattle. it was f'n unbelieveable. man they are loud. the plaved all of houdini. plus tons of other heavy shit. sunday was the ski to sea race here in b'ham. it's a relay race. check the link if you're unfamiliar. it's one of the biggest things to happen in this town. i did the road leg for a really fun team. i hurt like i rode super hard. but i only bested my time by one minute from last year. oh well, maybe next year. watched the race, and my team through the mtb/kayak transition. then eventually, off to the after party. i guess there were 3 different teams there. live bands, half barrel of boundary bay esb, lots of food, and lots of laughs. went out on the mtbs today. the weather was beautiful all weekend. the reason i live here. days like those. thank vets for doing what you did.


the warm weather is hanging out a bit more and more. I like it. we went over to orcas to ride mt constitution, before the may 15th trail closure to bikes for the season. rode onto the ferry, then rode to moran state park. that's a haul on a ss. great day, and sweet ride. the ride back to the ferry was overly long. we were in the saddle approx 6 1/2 hours. when we were cresting the last little incline before you ride down to the ferry, i heard the horn blow. we then ride around the corner to see the ferry 100 ft off the dock. "we missed it by that?!" so we went into the little market to get some grub, and brew. when i see a ferry pull in. i finally look at the time and realize we didn't miss our ferry at all. sweet! it was a nice boat ride with snacks and all back to anacortes.


it's bike to work day! head down to the hub community bike shop for some pancakes and celebration this morning. have a good ride!


hope everyone had a good star wars day!! may the force be with us all.


well, this is the 100th blogpost. too bad there's nothing too crazy to report. except the oregon manifest registration is up. that will be a good time. already looking forward to that, and cross season in oregon. but there is a lot of summer to enjoy first. 29ers are the hot item these days. stay tuned for pics of these big wheeled frames. shown are frameparts before anything happens, a bad pic of a headtube badge just after brazing, and raz in bed with jill. he's so photogenic