it's been awhile since the last post. too busy shoveling snow. but that shit is about gone. yeah! i like it on the mountain, but not in town. people around here can't deal. or shouldn't. at least the packers won their last game of the season. against the worst team in nfl history. from nfc championship game to no playoffs in one season. lame. not too much going on. waiting for a new year. actually, i'm not waiting for anything. looking at a new location for donkelope bikes headquarters. we'll see how that goes. i have a vision of what i'd like it too be, and not sure if this spot can do that. we'll keep everyone posted about that development. i just read something cool on the urban velo page. they have valet bike parking for the inaugural event in a few weeks. someone will watch your bike while you get your politics on. no lock needed! very cool. the pics are little in town ride on jesus birthday. i guess i'll have to do a "year end wrap up" sometime soon. until then, have a good new year. g


it's full on winter here. most people around here can't/won't operate in this weather. not too much new around here. some pics of a track frame/fork/stem ready for paint. then the velodrome! sent in the registration form for the Seattle Int'l Bike Expo in march 2009. seems like it will be a good event. metallica has a new video out for "all nighmare long". my fave song on the new album. pretty crazy video. i guess when you have that much loot, you can make wild vids like that. plus, metallica guitar hero. how sweet is that? i hope i find someone that gets that. that's about it, just riding around on snow packed streets. pretty darn fun with raz in tow.


yo, the weather is cool but dry. good for street riding. although, when you land, the coolness in the air makes 20 inch tires filled to 75psi feel like something fred flintstone would run. maybe i'm just getting along in years. that's what i get for riding a "kids" bike. metallica and the sword fucking ruled. i would've enjoyed a slightly different set list from 'tallica. but they ripped. i like the new album, i like it a lot. i just wish they would've played some different older songs. oh well, when it comes to seattle, on a monday night, maybe not enough spirit. i shoulda cruised up to vancouver the next night. they played some good shit there. plus to see the sword again would be awesome. hopefully, they'll come back around and play a smaller venue. pure metal!


ahh, another thanksgiving in the books. it's pretty much my favorite "holiday". hope everyone had a good one. there is a lot to be thankful for: air to breathe, delicious beers to swill, and awesome farmers that grow food to eat. we headed to missoula, mt for the weekend. missoula is a rad town. the weather was damn nice there. nice enough to load up some backpacks and a couple of bike trailers, and head out to the woods for a feast by a fire. we had a turkey filled with stuffing, taters, salmon, roasted carrots & beets, lots of beer, 3 dogs, 5 people, 3 donkelopes, some sunshine, and a little dusting of snow on the trail. it was a blast. i wish i would have as much fun watching the packers. but they just can't quite get it done this year. the last 3 games have been decided by 4 or less points. lame. i will put all that behind me because tommorrow is metallica and the sword. fuckin' a. stoked! late, g


mmm, beer. had to cook up a yeast starter for the next brew. malt makes the house smell yummy. joe's 29'er is coming along. it should be pretty sweet lookin'. the pic above is from last sunday at the sscxwc in portland. i would race as many races possible, if they were all that fun. what's going on here is me bailing out. the barriers were just far enough apart to bunnyhop. in this pic, i made it over the first, but didn't feel like i could do both. so i ejected. it was fun. this happened twice. but i did manage to bunnyhop both on a lap. what a great shot(photo by Janet Hill). There are tons of photos out there, and videos of the start. cxmagazine has some good coverage. that's it, late, g.


just got done cleaning the mud off of the bike. yesterday was f'in rad. sswccx in portland. sweet course, awesome crowd, drum core, free beer. i think it was the most fun i've had at a race. i don't know where i ended up in the results. it was crazy. people in costume, people in speedos, people in bikinis, and one person on a pony bike. hell yeah. i'll be there next year. thanks to everyone that had something to do with that race. portland is sweet. i'm sure there will be more vids of the race coming on all week. if you weren't there, check them out. the pic above is not new. i finally got the camera back. that was at the cross crusade race during the oregon manifest weekend. now if the damn packers could pull off a close win. late, g


whew, what a week!! tuesday was pretty exciting. it reminded me of being in wisco when the packers won the super bowl. people outside marching, hootin', & hollerin'. very cool. i am impressed america. but like the man said, "it's going to be a long road, and a steep climb." everybody needs to do their part to make this the country it could be. sacrifices. late, g


hopefully, everyone got off their blister to vote today. if not, i don't want to hear about how bad shit is from you. the snow is starting to fall. at least in the foothills. snow level is supposed to drop down to 2500 ft. i'm thinking it will be a sloppy mess this weekend in portland. of course it will be, i actually pre-registered for the race. i should be getting the camera back this weekend. it will be nice to have something other than black and white to post. a bit more work, then out to watch some results. late, g


it's a little late for a weekend report, oh well. saturday was Belly Cross right here in b'ham at Cornwall Park. the weather was sweet, the course was super fun, and a good time was had by all. all but the frisbee golfers. it's only one day out of the year. thanks. the pack had the week off, so nothing on the football front. except the titans won. which means they're still undefeated. we'll see on sunday. hopefully a rested, and healed packer team can hand them their first loss of the season. tonight was another rad fall night. me and raz headed up to galbraith for a little twilight/night ride. the trails are fast as can be right now. that's it for now. g


what a nice day up here in the corner. too bad i was working all day. then had to take a test. but a very nice night to go for a night ride. with the lights all charged up, raz and i headed out for a short loop on galbraith. soggy buy good. it always feels 10 degrees warmer up there. the donkelope email may be down for a couple of days. so if you want to send a message, be patient, and keep trying. thanks, g


ahh, lazy sunday. it was a good day to get caught up on some shit around the homestead. the shop was in serious disarray after the week before the show. listened to the packers kick the colts ass today. just like they did last week against the seahawks. oh yeah. should've went to the bar so i could watch it. but i'd rather listen to the hometown announcers on the radio. good stuff. i'm sure many people in the bmx world heard about mike aitken's situation. if not, he has serious head trauma from a bad crash. go to www.5050bmx.com and read about mike, watch a little retrospective, and if you can, donate to his family. pro riders can't get insurance because they're "too high risk". no shit, that's what insurance is for. mikey has been a very influential rider to many shredders. his video parts are off the hook.


oregon manifest II

so before i get started talking more about the show, there is something else i want to mention. this week is the community food drive for the food bank in whatcom county. if you can, please donate. there are people who really need it to eat.
back to the show. saturday came early. up late street riding. it is portland after all. there was a much bigger crowd saturday. everyone liked jill's new ride. especially the ladies. the coolest thing i saw that day was a t shirt that had a picture of a hummer on it. then in the same font, was "dummer". it was sweet. good interest in the bikes. we shall see though. all of us, and our shit, had to be out of the building by 10pm. break down was much easier/quicker with kevin there. that night was a party/roller races "sponsored" by rapha. some clothing co. so we head over, only to find out it cost $10 to get in. i asked "what about exhibitors?". $10 to get in. so we turned around and went street riding again. real nice sponsorship. sunday was a cross crusade series race. in case you don't know, portland's cross scene is big. we, the builders, were supposed to build up a cross bike to display at the race. then ride a builder's lap. then put them back on display. the weather was rad, so the bikes weren't too muddy or anything. i also raced the c class. man, cross is fun. that was my first experience, but not the last. back into town for some sunny bmxing. there is tons of good stuff to ride in that town. every sunday night is zoo bomb. a portland tradition. we grabbed helmets and lights, and went to the meeting spot. once everyone else was there, the small bikes were unlocked, and handed out. we rode our bmx. over to the train, and up to the zoo. it's kind of a gathering/party. beers, smokes, laughter. "10 minutes!" it's basically a group ride that bombs down to the train station. get back on the train, head up for another run. we did this about 4 times, until an extended hang out session at the very top. which meant a lot of uphill pedaling after the train ride. at around 1:45, we bombed what is known as k2. long and fast into downtown. wow, what a weekend. here are some more pics. the camera ended up with kevin, and is in salem. so there will be more pics once that thing gets here. g


lots of last minute scrambling was happening all week leading up to the oregon manifest. i was working on bikes on thursday morning, before i left to portland. austin and co. wanted people to put some effort into their booth design. there were some pretty good set ups to be seen. so thursday was setup day. which took a little while to unload everything, and put it together. of course it had to rain at this point. tried to go to bed at a decent time thur night, but still doing some photo stuff for the booth kept me up late. again. friday was the first day of the show. i rode there from the place i was staying. i can't believe how many bikers there are in that town. it's awesome! not a huge turnout as far as the crowd goes. kevin was going to come up and hang/help out the rest of the weekend. but didn't show up until i was at the party that night. at a place downtown that does the ads for nike. a very cool, big, artsy scene. there bikes locked up everywhere. it was a chore to find a spot. free beer was flowing. the filmed by bike movies were being shown in this cool auditorium in that office building. some of the films were great. unfortunately, i can't remember the names of the ones i liked. but if you ever get a chance to see these, do it. gotta go, more later. g


wow, what a weekend!! portland is the shit! we had a great time at the oregon manifest. big thanks to austin, et al, for setting up, and putting on a sweet event. of course there were some rad bikes there. the show was set up in a very cool venue. it was laid back and nice to walk around and b.s. with all of the other exhibitors. there is lots to talk about, but i'm road tired, and i have to go teach. so i'll do a better show/weekend review starting tommorrow. now that the show is over, i'll have some time. here's a pic of the booth. oh yeah, go pack go!!!!!


the Oregon Manifest is next weekend...already. still have a mountain of stuff to do. i think it's going to be a good time. i'm excited. Ayleen, from blog.ORbike.com, recently contacted me about an interview for the upcoming show. of course i said yes. and now her version of the interview is on their webpage. i believe they update it everyday so i'll be old news tommorrow. but it turned out sweet. so check it out. late, g

go pack go!!


wow, it's been awhile. the packers got wupped by the damn cowboys. not cool. not cool at all. the d needs to get healthy, and rogers needs to get rid of the ball sooner. other new things that are happening are me listening to "Death Magnetic" as much as possible. that shit is good. tickets are already in hand. the Sword and Metallica, the same night!? fuck yeah! it's late, and i'm tired. more soon. for real. g


what a glorious day in b'ham! my hands got tired of filing and sanding some lugs. so me and raz cruised out for a ride. today was pretty much perfect up there. the dirt was primo, the temps were nice, and you could almost smell fall getting closer. if it could only be like this everyday. just have to hit it when it is. new caps and cycling hats are finally back from the embroider snail shop. too bad the camera is in costa rica with jill right now. when i find a way, i'll post some pics. the mt baker hill climb is tommorrow. looks like the weather will be as rad as last year. if i wasn't so outta shape, i'd head up. but the day job is taking up too much frame time. and with the show coming, that takes up some of the ride time. but that's ok. tommorrow will be a good day to mtb. g


it feels like summer is ending. dark earlier, too much rain, football is starting. pretty nice weekend though. kevin came up from salem to do what he does, machine. so i can fit and weld tubes together. joe also came up from seattle to hang and ride and drink beer. good times. went for a sweet four hour ride saturday. now it's back to the grindstone. getting ready for the oregon manifest. too busy for much more right now. late, g


finally, pictures. sorry about the weak blogging. been very busy lately. trying to get some goods together for the oregon manifest. we'll hopefully be taking a couple of completes, and a couple of frames. stay tuned for more on that. went to wisconsin last weekend to hang with family and friends. very nice weather for august there. did some wakeboarding, golfing?, grilling, beer drinking, mtb racing, and went to the science museum in st paul to check out the star wars exhibit. freakin' sweet!! all kinds of cool paraphernalia and props from all six movies. the race was good. as good as racing after a night of big time partying can go. it was a wisconsin endurance series race. i did the wussy 3 hr course. there was also a 6 and a 12. great trails in la crosse. thanks erik and co. for putting it all together. it's getting late, and bmx is supposed to be on the olympics tonight. late, G


man, i've been a slacker with this thing lately. i've also been slackin' on posting photos. lots going on. sent in the registration for the oregon manifest handmade bike show. an event much smaller than nahmbs, but it's in portland, so it should be a good time. so now i have made myself extra busy by committing to that. but also very motivated. everyone now knows, even people in the int'l space station, about brett favre and the drama during summer training. i can't believe he's not going to wear green and gold. i do respect the packers decision to move forward with the team they were planning on having this season. i just wish brett would've stayed retired. oh well, i'm going to wisconsin tommorrow morning to grieve. actually, i'm going to hang with family and friends. get loose. and do a mountain bike race in la crosse. should be fun. more soon. g


what a weekend. it started out with getting a bunch of tasks done. then a farewell session at the trails with jake and vaughn. jake is leaving b'ham. the trails must not have wanted us to forget that day anytime soon. i got squirrely and planted my foot to spraing, with a bruised heel. and jake looped out to ass slider. not a very productive session. but still fun. a little partying that night to send jake off. i then went over to the peninsula to meet up with kevin. who was up from salem for a wedding in sequim. after the delayed ferry finally arrived, i pedaled aboard and tied down my ss with trailor in tow. definitely not efficient. set up camp, then rode over to the other side of discovery bay for the small wedding. right on the water. pretty freakin' good spot. lots of cake=good times! the journey back to camp was ridiculous. it's a good thing there is a bike path that is closed to traffic. kevin fell over twice. from laughing so hard, he said he couldn't see where he was going. sunday morning came. way too soon. so we headed out to find the ride we wanted to tackle. find being the key. not only did i forget the camera, but i also forgot the trail map. i did read the route a few times at home, so i had an idea. came across a couple of riders who led us in the right direction. of course we missed the turn where there wasn't a sign. what a ride. some brutal climbing. but awesome trail. we rode up the lower dungeness river trail, and i mean up. then eventually connect to gold creek. very narrow downhill. seven miles long. it was a good ride. 18 mile loop. now i'm trying to let my ankle heal a bit. it's hard to walk, but not bad to pedal. sweet.


hey everyone. i took the dv cam to the jam, and a few different people picked it up and shot. so here's what came of it. enjoy. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXyZSvLEoao


what a day at the trails. a lot of shredders showed up. it was awesome. dirt, beer, grillinz, muttlys. pretty much everything one could ask for. loads of fun. of course there were crashes. none too bad. i definitely fell a few times. and i'm feeling it today. but that's alright, all i had to do was get up to watch the final stage of le tour. carlos put the smackdown on alpe duez. and rode like "a man possessed" in the final tt. what a great tour. time to get busy. g


the weekend is upon us. what a sweet ass friday. went for an unexpected ride, that was awesome. unexpected in that i thought i'd be too busy today. a very mild summer day mtbing. headin' to a neighborhood party, with root beer floats! then take the tandem over to see the x files. i do want to believe it'll be good after such a long hiatus. tomorrow there is a jam at vaughn's trails. there are some scary sized jumps. hopefully, i won't get too hurt. there is the big final tt for le tour also. should be good. here's a random pic of my best riding buddy. rastus.


i enjoy coming home to see that the ups man has left a package. hopefully it's something neato. well, the cycling caps from shaun deller just showed up today. and they look sweet! off to the embroidery shop. i'll post pics when they are finished. the weather's been great for riding. not so good for the garden. just have to do some watering. went on a nice and long mtb ride yesterday with joe. it was a sweet ass ride. then to the house for a tasty homebrewed spruce ale. ahhhh, i feel refreshed. at least to make it down to bandito's for some din din. awesome weekend. le tour has been a lot of fun to watch this year. it's still anyone's race to win. later, g


well, the five laps for ss experts was changed at the line to six laps. ouch. there were a couple of riders that did the cream puff. so they're fit. and who voted for six laps. and who smoked all the other ss riders. i ended up third. just in front of joe. but he had a flat starting on the last downhill. mark puts on a great race. year after year. thanks mark, and whimps. some good beers with friends afterwards. awesome, but a little painful, way to spend a beautiful sunday in bellingham. late, g


well, tomorrow is the big padden mountain pedal. i'll be entering the race, but we'll see if i end up racing in it. the weather has been great, so it will at least be a good day for a ride. plus, there's always bandito's burritos to chomp at the race. here are a couple of frames with fresh paint. the black mtb ss has green metal flake. sweet. it is warm and sunny, but the cross frame is rad. a little bit of prep, and they are out the door. that's all for now. more on the race soon.


hopefully everyone had a good holiday weekend. and didn't blow any body parts up. the trip to mt saint helens was interesting. that place is not close to b'ham. but we managed to find a nice campsite, very late at night. we left for a ride that was supposed to be 15 miles. but then we started to run into snow. a lot of it. we figured that once we got onto the road, it wouldn't be so bad. it was way worse. hundreds of yards at a time, marching through the snow, in cycling shoes. so we decided not to take the trail back to finish the loop. we probably should have. we ended up riding forever. not really sure where to go. eventually we knew where to go. drank our sorrows away that night. and enough for the next night. if you want to mtb or hike at altitude at mt saint helens, wait until september. raz had to dig kevin out. wow.


happy birthday america! well, almost. we're loadin' up, and headin' down to st helens for the holiday weekend. get in some camping, mtbing, and get raz away from some fireworks. he gets freaked out. the weather is trying to be lame, thunderstorms and rain. but i'm hoping for a break. the rain will definitely help the trails. it's been quite dry here lately. i'm looking forward to lots of ridin', views of the volcano, beer, and relaxing. have a good weekend everyone. late, g


happy summer! well the weather is improving. hopefully, everyone enjoyed the longest day of the year. lots of riding and all that goes with it. we went down to the big city to see "the american original: Junior Brown", at the Tractor Tavern. he is awesome. lightning fast licks on his guit-steel. good stuff. taking a couple of frames in for paint today. that's about all, late, g


june is about half over already. damn, we need some nice weather. lots going on around here. which is why the updates a far between. cross bikes and mountain bikes are the popular models lately. i finally got around to ordering some custom cycling caps handmade by Shaun. check out www.shaundeller.com. there will be some cotton and of course woolies. i'll post when those are here, and back from the embroidery shop. that's about it for now. late, g


crazy shit happening these days. i'll start with the good. i purchased the latest album by the Sword. metal madness! next bit of craziness, i was on the road and saw a hawk dive down across the road and fly up and away. with a mouse in it's talons. wow! that was cool. now for the not so cool. i'm sure most people who read bicycle type web pages already know about what happened this week at a race. a drunk drivin' bastard mowed down a bunch of the racers! this is a tragedy. this shit can happen anywhere, anytime. so enjoy what you're doing right now. what an unbelieveable pic. late, G


howdy all. here are some bmx frames with super sweet paint jobs. thanks jeff! they look rad. last weekend was the ski to sea race. it happens every year on memorial day weekend. i was asked the monday before to do the road bike leg for a team. i've always wanted to do it so i said yes. i definitely wasn't in shape for a 38 mile tt, but oh well. it was a blast. for those who don't know, the ski to sea is a team relay race. the day starts up on mt baker. cross country skiers are the first leg. they hand their time piece to the downhill skier/snowboarder. but those folks have to run up the mountain before they come down. they hand their time piece to the runners. the runners run down the road, 8 miles, that leads you to mt baker. they hand their time pieces off to the road bikers. the bikers ride from the d.o.t. station to the town of everson. there, the bikers hand off to the canoeists. the canoeists would've paddled from everson to hovander park in ferndale. i say would have because it was called off at the last minute this year. the organisers felt the nooksack river was too risky. we've had some warm temps, rain, and a late snow. so that all ends up in the rivers. every team then had to wait 2 hours before they sent off the mountain biker. the mtbers road from hovander to squalicum harbor in bellingham to hand off the reissued time piece to the sea kayakers. the kayakers paddled from the harbor across the bay to marine park in fairhaven. then ring a bell to end your race. over 80 miles traveled. pretty damn fun.
we are busy here. cross frames, mtbs, and city bikes are all being worked on. summer is trying to get here. that's it for now.
late, G


ola, the mercury finally climbed enough to sport some warm weather clothing! today jake and i set out early in the day to go to vancouver, bc to ride a bunch of skateparks. it was rad. no line at the border, barely any traffic, and lots o sunshine! we hit up railside in port coquitlam, seylynn in north vancouver, which a very old snake run. and to horseshoe bay to ride the new park there. pretty awesome day. and there's still a lot of daylight to go! late, g


it's Bike to Work and School Day!! not that there needs to be a reason to ride, but cool event. especially here in Bellingham. there are little aid/snack stations all over town for people riding this morning. The Hub Community Bike Shop is the place to hang today. it's supposed to be beautiful and warm today, so have a great ride and awesome weekend!


it's mother's day. another hallmark holiday. but you still have to give props to your mama. love you mom! it's been a long time since an update. lots going on around here. cross frames, city frames, bmx frames, instructing apprentices how to weld, and remodeling the bathroom. still waiting for real good weather. ie, no more snow. summer's just around the corner and race season is getting under way. the print version of the new urban velo is out now. good stuff. another of my fave mags just came in the mail yesterday, digbmx.
life is short.
late, g


i think my internal clock is about back to normal. falling asleep at 6pm and waking up at 3am isn't fun. the Bicycle Paper latest issue is out now. there is an article about NAHMBS, and interviews with some of the builders in the northwest. including donkelope bikes. so that's cool. sara did a good job. check www.bicyclepaper.com for the web version. in other publication news, urban velo has issue 7 in the print shop. donkelope bikes has an ad in this very nice mag. Kaveh did a sweet job on the ad. so get your issue soon. the pic is from the back side(downhill) of the Kemmelberg climb in the Ghent-Wevelgem. race organisers didn't use it because it is too dangerous. by yourself it's not, but with 200 racers going all out. gnarly. the other pic is from the Tour of Flanders on the Molenberg. George was looking strong, but didn't get it done. Mike, part of our tour group, is from Denver. he took the photo. awesome! the last pic is on the Carrefour de l´Arbre, from Paris-Roubaix. it was the last "hard" section of pavé. the scene there was incredible. especially when Boonen came through in front. people went ape shit. check killer flag in background!
late, g


What a trip! Belgium is awesome. I highly reccomend going there. Especially if you're into cycling. We probably would've stayed longer, but we missed Raz too much. The riding in the Flanders region is so good. We had some local ex-pros to show us around. Eric Van Lancker and Eric de Clercq(in photo). They both know the area very well, and took us on some amazing rides. Thank you! The Ronde de Vanvlaarden is one the most amazing races ever. I've always loved the spring classics, but after riding 140km of that course, in true Flanders weather(upper 30's to low 40's w/rain and wind), it's unbelieveable how fast the pros go. Check the photo of Jill on the Muur! We rode a lot of the country side and in and around Ghent. Which is a beautiful city. So old, so many people on bikes, so many people dressed nicely. Americans are pretty damn lazy when it comes to that(I'm guilty). We also watched, and rode, parts of Ghent-Wevelgem and Paris-Roubaix(photo on the cobbles). We rode 6 or 7 sections of pavé, including the Tranchée du Arenberg. That section is completely ridiculous. Many of the sections we rode were the pavé you would think. Somewhat uniform, flat, but hard to ride. But the Arenberg is made of huge holes and sharp jagged stones. And it's a long section(2.4km). After the pavé, we rode the finish in the vélodrome(me in photo). Watching the races was crazy as hell. The Belgians are die hards. So every good/cool section of a race was crowded with people freaking out. Check the photo of the donkelope flag flying. I can't wait to get the dvds of all the races. There were a lot of Australians in our group. So one day, we went to Ieper(photo of church) and the surrounding area to ride and visit some war cemetaries. Belgian soil is very bloody. A lot of battles were fought there in both world wars. We also visited the Tour of Flanders museum. Tons of cool photos and pieces. You could stay there a whole day checking everything out. Or at least I could. I had one hell of a good time, and would do it every year if I could swing it. Bikestyle Tours did an amazing job. Our guides, the Eric's, were awesome. And the group was tons of fun to ride and hang with. It was freakin' sweet!! G


just a quick update. belgium is rad. everyone rides bikes. even the women dressed up in skirts and heels!! the racing has been good. i wish i could ride cobbled climbs all of the time. of course the beer is delicious. the u.s. dollar sucks. and it is hard to type on keyboards here. more news with pics next week. later, G


it's been awhile since the last post. but it's gonna be awhile again. donkelope bikes is headed over the puddle to Belgium, for some of the spring classics! we'll get to ride, and of course watch the pros, at the Tour of Flanders, Ghent-Wevelgem, and Paris-Roubaix. it's going to be awesome! so that's why there won't be any posts for a couple of weeks. unless i can tear myself away from the fine ales, or stop suffering from a chocolate hangover, i'll do some updating over there. but then a long winded post. this is something i've wanted to do for some time. and now it's happening! freakin' sweet! later, G


howdy, we've got some pics of some machined bmx goodies. now my favorite part, putting them together! went to the "cookin' in the kettles" mtb race at fort ebey today. awesome course! unfortunately, some trail terrorists moved some tape around. since we have not ever rode there, it took us awhile to figure out where to go(there are trails all over the place). so long, we missed our start times. bummer. jill deciced not to race, and i entered expert. the race went well. i took 3rd in age and i think 6th or 7th overall? i would've rather been with the ssers to promote it's own class. oh well, next time pre-ride earlier. the big water shot is on the course! it's a trail that runs along the edge of a bluff. amazing.


yo all, some new goings on here. integrated headtubes. k dub showed me some tricks on how to produce these. k dub came out to shred and see Fu Manchu. both happened, and both were awesome. k dub is a machinist/tool maker living in Wisco. but i'm trying to get him out to the coast. the guys up at cache creek cycles wanted some bmx frames with integrated headsets. standard press in cups will still be the norm on donkelopes. but if someone wants an integrated headset, it's an option. new tees should be here any day. pics to follow. late, g


i'm sure everyone has heard the news by now. Brett Favre is calling it quits. this came as a little bit of a shock to me, just because last season was so rad, yet ended so bad. it is his life, although a lot of people make a part of Favre's life, a part of their own lives. including me. it's a little sad to think i won't see no. 4 throw another td. but that's ok, there are a lot of them to remember! i just want to say thanks Brett, you made watching Packer football Favretastic!!