well, the packers pretty much got kicked in the nuts on sunday. i'd rather they lose to the lions than lose to the bears. oh well, first round bye!! bring it! looks like donkelope bikes will represent at the NAHMBS this february in portland. should be a good time. i thougt the thing was full. but recently found out there were still spots available. hopefully not in the basement or anything. looking forward to it. that's it. go pack!! late, G


here at donkelope bikes, we hope everybody is having a great winter and a good holiday season. baker is finally getting some serious snow. everything is pretty much covered, so you can rip it up! the packers are still kicking tons of ass, and ready to storm the playoffs. 12-2, oh yeah!! here's a pic of the new tandem. minus paint. it's a blast to ride. 8 spd internal hub. nice town and country cruiser. the beanies and cycling caps will be picked up before the nude year. can't wait. that's all, G
go pack!


Well, it's december, and the snow has been flying...a little bit. mt baker was open for about a week, then some warm weather happened. we went up one day, a lot of exposed trees, stumps, rocks, etc. received the new decals. pretty sweet lookin'. they look good on my freshly powdercoated shred machine. putting some touches on the tandem before paint. and the custom fork. the beanies and caps should be on the way. then embroidery. go pack!