Wow, it's almost been a month since the last post. I guess I've been busy. Where to start, the Ronde van Whatcom was awesome this year. Great crew, classics style weather(rain, sun, hail, wind), and a good party afterwards. It was a good chunk of the western washington SS Cross gang. Kinda funny, since we were all on geared road bikes. Thanks to everyone that showed up. If you can see one BMX vid this year, see the Bone Deth movie. It's off the hook in all respects. There was a video premier at the Pickford for Refresh. Very local BMX vid of shredders. Great job. This weekend is the "Taint Tuff". It's Nat's idea of a way to celebrate a birthday, and mountain biking. The ride starts and ends @ donkelope HQ at 10am saturday May 1st. It will be mostly SSers. I expect the ride to last 6 hours. That includes lots mayhem in between the biking. Big party to follow. Hell yeah.


The Seattle Bike Expo was good. Much better venue this year. The antics after the show were entertaining to say the least. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, when I was actually there, to say Hi. Last weekend, Joe from Traitor, put on some gold sprints at the cabin tavern. Everybody was really into it, and were having a blast. Thanks Joe!! This weekend is one of the best races ever, the Tour of Flanders. In it's honor, there is a ride saturday the 3rd. We're leaving from Mt Bakery at 10 am. So come on down, eat a waffle, and head out on a 90 mile ride with about 13 Flanders style climbs.