the rain is back. but the temps are still mild. sunday was beautiful, and the ride was rad. semi big ride up to galbraith, then down to lake samish. headed up sick joke, across the ridge, and down hush hush. 8 riders, 7 single speeders. sweet. this thursday everybody bike is putting on a slide show type event at the REI store. i'll be there showing off a couple of bikes, and talking for about 15 minutes. since REI is involved, everybody bike couldn't list the framebuilders doing there thing at these events. so i'll be wingin' it. come on by and say "howdy".


this is kinda funny. the custom frame builders get their ideas taken, and turned into lower cost, made in taiwan bikes for the masses. some say it's a form of flattery. i guess it is, in a "that's a sweet bike, we're going to change a couple of things, and make thousands of 'em. people will love our huge budget, and what we can do with it" kind of way. (donkelope photo courtesy of Phil Booth, Road Bike Action)