ahh, another thanksgiving in the books. it's pretty much my favorite "holiday". hope everyone had a good one. there is a lot to be thankful for: air to breathe, delicious beers to swill, and awesome farmers that grow food to eat. we headed to missoula, mt for the weekend. missoula is a rad town. the weather was damn nice there. nice enough to load up some backpacks and a couple of bike trailers, and head out to the woods for a feast by a fire. we had a turkey filled with stuffing, taters, salmon, roasted carrots & beets, lots of beer, 3 dogs, 5 people, 3 donkelopes, some sunshine, and a little dusting of snow on the trail. it was a blast. i wish i would have as much fun watching the packers. but they just can't quite get it done this year. the last 3 games have been decided by 4 or less points. lame. i will put all that behind me because tommorrow is metallica and the sword. fuckin' a. stoked! late, g


mmm, beer. had to cook up a yeast starter for the next brew. malt makes the house smell yummy. joe's 29'er is coming along. it should be pretty sweet lookin'. the pic above is from last sunday at the sscxwc in portland. i would race as many races possible, if they were all that fun. what's going on here is me bailing out. the barriers were just far enough apart to bunnyhop. in this pic, i made it over the first, but didn't feel like i could do both. so i ejected. it was fun. this happened twice. but i did manage to bunnyhop both on a lap. what a great shot(photo by Janet Hill). There are tons of photos out there, and videos of the start. cxmagazine has some good coverage. that's it, late, g.


just got done cleaning the mud off of the bike. yesterday was f'in rad. sswccx in portland. sweet course, awesome crowd, drum core, free beer. i think it was the most fun i've had at a race. i don't know where i ended up in the results. it was crazy. people in costume, people in speedos, people in bikinis, and one person on a pony bike. hell yeah. i'll be there next year. thanks to everyone that had something to do with that race. portland is sweet. i'm sure there will be more vids of the race coming on all week. if you weren't there, check them out. the pic above is not new. i finally got the camera back. that was at the cross crusade race during the oregon manifest weekend. now if the damn packers could pull off a close win. late, g


whew, what a week!! tuesday was pretty exciting. it reminded me of being in wisco when the packers won the super bowl. people outside marching, hootin', & hollerin'. very cool. i am impressed america. but like the man said, "it's going to be a long road, and a steep climb." everybody needs to do their part to make this the country it could be. sacrifices. late, g


hopefully, everyone got off their blister to vote today. if not, i don't want to hear about how bad shit is from you. the snow is starting to fall. at least in the foothills. snow level is supposed to drop down to 2500 ft. i'm thinking it will be a sloppy mess this weekend in portland. of course it will be, i actually pre-registered for the race. i should be getting the camera back this weekend. it will be nice to have something other than black and white to post. a bit more work, then out to watch some results. late, g