well, the packer season is over. what a way to go out. that shit hurt. oh well, good riding weather is getting closer, and the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is in a couple of weeks. very exciting. lots of last minute preperations, like everyone else i'm sure.
found a cool new mag. it's titled Life? lots of good photos that make you want to ride trails. check it out.
that's it for now, too much stuff to get done. G


what a playoff game. after a sketch-ball start, the pack pretty much showed everyone how badass they are, and how week the nfc west is. nfc champ game coming up!!
the hats are finally done. they turned out awesome. shaun does excellent work. still getting ready for the NAHMBS. sent all of the neccessary info in, still waiting to hear what's up. but definitely planning on being there. that's it for now.
go pack go!!


big plans for 2008. it looks like there will be an updated webpage soon. the nahmbs is in february. donkelope bikes is going to Belgium in april to show support for the racers at Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. should be an unbelievable time. can't wait. a packer super bowl would be nice. 13-3. that's the record that took them to the big dance.
late, G