it's been awhile since the last post. too busy shoveling snow. but that shit is about gone. yeah! i like it on the mountain, but not in town. people around here can't deal. or shouldn't. at least the packers won their last game of the season. against the worst team in nfl history. from nfc championship game to no playoffs in one season. lame. not too much going on. waiting for a new year. actually, i'm not waiting for anything. looking at a new location for donkelope bikes headquarters. we'll see how that goes. i have a vision of what i'd like it too be, and not sure if this spot can do that. we'll keep everyone posted about that development. i just read something cool on the urban velo page. they have valet bike parking for the inaugural event in a few weeks. someone will watch your bike while you get your politics on. no lock needed! very cool. the pics are little in town ride on jesus birthday. i guess i'll have to do a "year end wrap up" sometime soon. until then, have a good new year. g


it's full on winter here. most people around here can't/won't operate in this weather. not too much new around here. some pics of a track frame/fork/stem ready for paint. then the velodrome! sent in the registration form for the Seattle Int'l Bike Expo in march 2009. seems like it will be a good event. metallica has a new video out for "all nighmare long". my fave song on the new album. pretty crazy video. i guess when you have that much loot, you can make wild vids like that. plus, metallica guitar hero. how sweet is that? i hope i find someone that gets that. that's about it, just riding around on snow packed streets. pretty darn fun with raz in tow.


yo, the weather is cool but dry. good for street riding. although, when you land, the coolness in the air makes 20 inch tires filled to 75psi feel like something fred flintstone would run. maybe i'm just getting along in years. that's what i get for riding a "kids" bike. metallica and the sword fucking ruled. i would've enjoyed a slightly different set list from 'tallica. but they ripped. i like the new album, i like it a lot. i just wish they would've played some different older songs. oh well, when it comes to seattle, on a monday night, maybe not enough spirit. i shoulda cruised up to vancouver the next night. they played some good shit there. plus to see the sword again would be awesome. hopefully, they'll come back around and play a smaller venue. pure metal!