The weather has really turned up this week. I think everyone is taking it in. Speaking of taking it in...this friday is Bike to Work Day! And the place to be is at the Hub Community Bike shop. Live music, pancake feed, good people, and great times. C'mon down, get some cakes, and enjoy your ride!


Still waiting for some sunshine. That big bright sphere hasn't come out to play very often around here. It's been awhile since a post. Lots going on; bike refurbish project, house work, trying to ride when it's decent, and the norm bike builds. The Taint Tuff 2 went down a few weekends ago. It's basically a big birthday ride for me and my freind Nat. Massive turnout, 34 or 35 starters, but only 13 completed the entire ride. Great times, check these pics for evidence. Parental discretion is advised!