It's the last weekend of le Tour. So come on down to Mt. Bakery for some road racing action, along with yummy pastries and prize giveaways. Here are some pics from vacation time. Someday, I'll own a real camera. But for now, it's video with still shots. Yellowstone is sweet. Haven't been there for a long ass time. Went on a great ride there.


It's July!! TdF time! A quick note to all in the area, Mt Bakery is showing the race daily, starting at 5:30am. The 6th will be an awesome stage in Belgium and N. France, over the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix! It's really gonna shake things up. Donkelope Bikes will be there with a little prize giveaway to the person who picks the winner of the day(or the highest finisher)!! So be there.