we are having unbelieveable weather up here. 50's & 60's, with sunshine! raz and i went for a ride in the uv. we ended up going to the miranda trail to see how dry off road could be, the singletrack was pretty dry, so off we went. it felt good to be on dirt. saturday was trails work time. after working on the lower section, it was decided to get an upper line rideable. snapped a couple of shots. jake boosting on his donkelope. it was fun til i went over the bars and dragged across a stump. yes, it hurt like hell in the shower. hopefully that business is out of the way for awhile.
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oh yeah, new tees are on the way. stay tuned.


took some time to relax and hang with some friends up in Whistler BC. didn't have any epic snow, but the weather was nice. so nice, all i could think about was riding bikes. fortunately, the weather is still nice enough to ride dry here. last night was a lunar eclipse, and we could actually see it without clouds in the way.
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Howdy all!!
I know this is a little late for a NAHMBS report, but i'm sure most people are better at finding good info on it than i am. it was a blast. i love Portland. great town for biking. especially bmx street riding. the bikes at the show were unbelieveable, of course. everything from steel to bamboo to kevlar to hardwood. i met lots of great people, and made some good contacts. the donkelope booth was across the way from the Vanilla booth and next to the Waterford booth. Wisconsin represent! Sacha had a little get together at the Vanilla workshop friday night. it was a who's who of framebuilders, with beer! good times. thanks to Periera, Ahearne and Vanilla for the party. the show was huge! at one point on saturday, you couldn't go in until someone left. lots of people stopped by and said hi. people liked the tandem. Brad from Urbanvelo.org(great site and awesome 'zine) came by and grabbed the tandem, and took some photos for the NAHMBS website. thanks Brad!! the bmx received good interest mainly because hardly anyone else had one. Independent had a tricked out ti and carbon racer. sold most of the tees and all of the cycling caps.(thanks Shaun!) so the logo is out there. that's about all i have for now. i had a great time. thanks Don Walker. G


Handmade Bicycle Show

Hey all...Greg is wrapping up the 2008 North American Bicycle Show today in Portland, and we will all be looking forward to hearing what the man say to say about the show, how it went and all the bikes that we got to see. Also, we are waiting to see how the public reacted to Donkelope Bikes first major showing! I have been looking around this internet deal and found some press (or photos) of Greg's tandem and all the other bikes. So check out urbanvelo.org and view the blog's about the show.

We hope all went well for you Greg and look forward to the report!