Happy Birthday Rastus!! my little riding buddy is 11, and still rockin'. we've been having excellent weather/conditions for riding lately. not so good for snow sports though. we'll probably pay for this awesome weather in may and june when it will rain every day! thanks to Ryan for putting on the Cascade Cross series here in b'ham. rad courses, and good conditions for each race. lots of mud, but the skies were dry. the series finale was last saturday. good turnout for a race in january.


well, here's the first post to the new year. nothing too crazy so far. except we're getting a mild winter. not so good for the mountain, but freakin' rad for bike riding! yea! here are some pics to share. the bike is not new, at all. but the super neato fenders are. they are all wood fenders, handmade here in bellingham by tom anderson. fashionable as well as functional. these fenders are round. the ones on the tandem are a selection of birch, cherry, ash, and a layer of bamboo, which every fender has for strength. they are beautiful, and make any bike look great. there are tons of options of color/wood type. if you're interested, contact me and i can point you in the right direction.
this saturday is race #3 in the cascade cross series. chilly cross will be at cornwall park in b'ham. fun course, and there will be mud! i don't think we'll have snow that day though.