Day 7 of challenge. After yesterday's lame coming up short, I managed to get a nice ride in today. It was snowing this morning, but eventually, the clouds broke apart for some sunshine to come through. Just rode through the north part of the county. Lots of dairy and berry farms. In fact, Whatcom county is the nations leading raspberry grower. Mmm. Finished the ride off with a couple of short, but steepish climbs. And rode into town with an amazing sunset. Clouds make for spectacular ones. Might not ride tomorrow. Instead, head up the mountain to play in the snow with some friends. In case I don't ride, 541.4km in the books. Thanks Rapha for the boost in motivation to get out. A purpose like this to ride makes me do long rides that I usually don't, or use that kind of time for a long day on the mtb. So I want to find new ways, or roads I haven't traveled much. Or getting some friends to do a big ride. Like the xmas day ride. That's something I've wanted to do for a bit, but never made time. It all came together on probably the worst day logistically to do it. Nothing open, very limited ferry times, very small window of daylight. That was a ride I'll never forget. Thanks again, and hopefully I can keep this going through the winter and into spring.


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