Day 6 of challenge. Check out the front of the cleat. Yesterday's damage! New cleats on, good to go! 2 rides today. One just around Bellingham on the greenway trails with Rastus. It's one of his favorite loops. Probably because we end up in Whatcom Falls Park, where there is plenty of water. Without Raz, I can get a pretty good ride in on these trails this time of year. You just have to do it in the morning when hardly anyone is out. In the summer? Forget it. People everywhere. It's still a nice place to ride. I always ride through there on my way to mtb at Galbraith. After Raz was done in the water, and I repaired my first flat of the challenge, we came back to the house, dropped him off, changed bikes, and was on my way again. Decided to stay north of town, mainly because I've been riding all the good stuff to the south. Plus I had an appointment at 4pm. Trying to seal the 500 deal today. But after a detour on Marine Dr from flooding, I ended up changing the route, and came up 12km short! If only I had a computer on my bike. Oh well, tomorrow. Cause I'm not putting a computer on my bike. 488km down, 12km to go.

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