Day 2 of the challenge. Again, the ride started in the rain, only to ride into dry skies. Not sunny, just not raining. And it was warm today. Around 50F. I'll get some friends on some of these rides soon to take better pics. This ride was more of a Ronde recon ride. Scoping out possible unpaved roads to use in the 2011 Ronde van Whatcom. This Camp 2 Rd is great. And there's a few ways to enter/exit. So it will be good, as long as there isn't a super late snowfall. The map is in 2 sections, because I don't know how to do it otherwise. Part 1, part 2. 119km down, 381km to go! Tomorrow will be a big day. There shouldn't be much traffic to contend with. So I'm looking forward to doing nothing but riding for x-mas!

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