Day 5 of challenge. Weather was a bit wetter, and much cooler. I think the freezing level is down around 450m. The snow was very visible. Decided to go out and explore some more around Camp 2 Rd. It was unsuccessful. Lots of steep, muddy, unpaved road, that ended up at a cel tower. It didn't connect with the trail I wanted to. Maybe it's not meant to be. So we(Joey and I) headed back to the lake, and went in where I knew it would hook up with the trail, and eventually Camp 2 Rd. Much better. The ride got cut a bit short because of the time wasted exploring new possibilities. After a stop to restock snacks, we went over to Barrel Springs Rd, and on to Wood Rd, which is unpaved. Out to Chuckanut, and back to Bellingham. No more Chuckanut for the rest of this challenge! It's a great road, but I'll be able to do it blindfolded soon. The maps are split again due to them not showing some sections of unpaved road. Even Wood Rd, which isn't that bad of a road. Map 1, map 2, map 3. A little bit of a letdown not being able to find a connector to where I want to go. That, and I broke a cleat walking through the mud and rocks. Luckily, I have stock of those. 409.6km down, 90.4km to go.

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