Holy shit, it's been forever and then some since my last post on this thing. I'm eventually going to make this into something else. Here's a bit of what's been going down around here the past 6 months.


It's summer and awesome! I don't really have much to say, but here are some bikes…


We've been having a pretty good spring as far as weather goes. The Rondé was rain free. It was one of the smaller turnouts, but I think it was the most finishers so far! Good day on the bike, followed by a great pro race with food and Belgian brew. Thanks to all that continue to support this ride. There have been some really good days on the trails as well. The Taint Tuff was this past weekend. The weather held out just enough for us. Here are some pics of a classic lugged road frame ready for powder coating.


Spring is slowly getting nicer around here. And the road racing classics have been great races to watch! But this is about the time of year I lean towards grabbing the mtb. Then summer comes, it dries up, and the trails get blown out. Back to the road bike. The loggers are off of Galbraith for the season, so that's good news. I have some complete road bikes for sale. They are SRAM 10 spd, Ritchey carbon fork, Ultegra/Velocity wheels. Asking $2300.


It's the thick of the Spring Classics. Some good racing so far, an pretty good(awful) weather conditions for some of the races. This sunday is my fave, Rondé van Vlaanderen! And this sunday is also the ride I organize, the Rondé van Whatcom. It'll be the same route as last year, which saw the best weather ever for this ride. Not sure what we'll get this time, but it will be fun in a suffering kind of way. Ride leaves HQ at 9am.


It's been some time since the last post. SSCXWC in Philly was an amazing weekend! Most of HODALA! make the cross country trek. Lots of bike riding, beer, and whiskey. Goodtimes, thanks for being great hosts to the event Philly! Just trying to get through our mild winter. It's been a great winter for riding bikes, but not the snow. Oh well, I recently wrecked and ended up with 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung. So my winter of riding is on serious hold, as is anything that requires lifting. It sucks. If you're able to ride, ride your ass off. Here are some pics of Jake's new BMX. The color reminds me of my old STA. Of course all I want to do right now is ride my BMX.


Tyler's sporty disc road bike is almost complete. He's just waiting on his new wheels. So hopefully I can get some pics of the final build. This ride will also have fenders painted to match.