what a weekend. it started out with getting a bunch of tasks done. then a farewell session at the trails with jake and vaughn. jake is leaving b'ham. the trails must not have wanted us to forget that day anytime soon. i got squirrely and planted my foot to spraing, with a bruised heel. and jake looped out to ass slider. not a very productive session. but still fun. a little partying that night to send jake off. i then went over to the peninsula to meet up with kevin. who was up from salem for a wedding in sequim. after the delayed ferry finally arrived, i pedaled aboard and tied down my ss with trailor in tow. definitely not efficient. set up camp, then rode over to the other side of discovery bay for the small wedding. right on the water. pretty freakin' good spot. lots of cake=good times! the journey back to camp was ridiculous. it's a good thing there is a bike path that is closed to traffic. kevin fell over twice. from laughing so hard, he said he couldn't see where he was going. sunday morning came. way too soon. so we headed out to find the ride we wanted to tackle. find being the key. not only did i forget the camera, but i also forgot the trail map. i did read the route a few times at home, so i had an idea. came across a couple of riders who led us in the right direction. of course we missed the turn where there wasn't a sign. what a ride. some brutal climbing. but awesome trail. we rode up the lower dungeness river trail, and i mean up. then eventually connect to gold creek. very narrow downhill. seven miles long. it was a good ride. 18 mile loop. now i'm trying to let my ankle heal a bit. it's hard to walk, but not bad to pedal. sweet.

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