finally, pictures. sorry about the weak blogging. been very busy lately. trying to get some goods together for the oregon manifest. we'll hopefully be taking a couple of completes, and a couple of frames. stay tuned for more on that. went to wisconsin last weekend to hang with family and friends. very nice weather for august there. did some wakeboarding, golfing?, grilling, beer drinking, mtb racing, and went to the science museum in st paul to check out the star wars exhibit. freakin' sweet!! all kinds of cool paraphernalia and props from all six movies. the race was good. as good as racing after a night of big time partying can go. it was a wisconsin endurance series race. i did the wussy 3 hr course. there was also a 6 and a 12. great trails in la crosse. thanks erik and co. for putting it all together. it's getting late, and bmx is supposed to be on the olympics tonight. late, G

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