man, i've been a slacker with this thing lately. i've also been slackin' on posting photos. lots going on. sent in the registration for the oregon manifest handmade bike show. an event much smaller than nahmbs, but it's in portland, so it should be a good time. so now i have made myself extra busy by committing to that. but also very motivated. everyone now knows, even people in the int'l space station, about brett favre and the drama during summer training. i can't believe he's not going to wear green and gold. i do respect the packers decision to move forward with the team they were planning on having this season. i just wish brett would've stayed retired. oh well, i'm going to wisconsin tommorrow morning to grieve. actually, i'm going to hang with family and friends. get loose. and do a mountain bike race in la crosse. should be fun. more soon. g

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Anonymous said...

You guys should up the ante over the guys at Sycip by creating a bicycle that has a beer tap on it and beer in the tube set powered by a co2 cartridge. I can only imagine the magazine play that would get.

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