August has been busy! Working on a builder bio for Freehub Magazine, the Rapha Gentlemen's Race NW, and all of bike work. I haven't been bored. Look for the 3rd issue of Freehub to be on the shelves mid october. I had some great help doing that. Thanks to Augustine and Tim! The Rapha Gentlemen's Race was a 6 person TTT. The course was 130 miles of pavement, gravel and 10000+feet of climbing. It was also in the mid 90's. It was a brutal day in the saddle. But we had a great team, all on matching donkelopes, with nice kits from Randi Jo Fabrications. We looked better than we did in the race. Only 4 of us were able to finish the entire ride. Congrats to the teams that rode it all intact. Not an easy task. 28 teams started, but only 7 completed. The 2011 Oregon Manifest is just around the corner, september 23-24. Working away on that build that features an out of the ordinary attachment. I will try to post pics and progress. Even though it feels like summer just got started here, cross season is approaching. At least I have some decent form from all of the riding to get ready for the RGR.


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