Whew, it's been too long. Busy summer. I use summer sarcastically. The only summer I've been around, was for SSUSA in Colorado, and a short trip to Wisco. SSUSA was a hoot. It was a very relaxing trip, hanging with good friends. With a nice race in the middle of it all. I'm thinkin' I'll head back to the Fort this fall for a USGP race. Yesterday, Rusty Scott and I headed over to Raleigh's Midsummer's Night Cross Race. It was a great time. Although not mentally ready for cross yet, there was a very bumpy, but fun and fast course. And plenty of food and beer. Yeah. Donkelope bikes has been invited to the Rapha Gentlemen's Race this august. Looking forward to that. The team will be suited up in custom jerseys on a fleet of donkelope road racers. Summer is about half over, and it doesn't even feel like the warm weather has started.


jake said...

relaxing trip? more of a gnarly trip if you ask me

Anonymous said...

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