happy new year everyone! it's exciting to see what will happen with a new regime. i guess it can't get worse. right? anyway, piss poor gov't or not, 2008 was a pretty damn good year. showed bikes at the North American Handmade Bike Show. that was an experience that was intimidating and motivating. took a little bike trip to Belgium to ride and watch Tour of Flanders, Ghent-Wevelgem, and Paris-Roubaix. fucking sweet! a little time off to go to the motherland, wisconsin, and hang with family and friends. another awesome bike event; the Oregon Manifest. what a blast that weekend was. shortly after, was the SSCXWC in portland. probably the most fun i've ever had racing my bike. a day for the history books, election day 2008. wow, i still can't believe all of the positive energy in the air that night, and beyond. a thanksgiving day spent on the bike in missoula, mt. good food, good friends, good times! then the weather turned to shit, it was jesus birthday, and here we are. what a year. i hope 2009 doesn't dissapoint. here's a pic of the latest to go out the door. joe's 29er. look out for this rig on the indie series this season. late, g

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