happy birthday buddy!

well, the wampa made it happen. made it into the 2009 sswc. they even posted my entry, freakin' sweet! should be a blast. i raced the first one in minneapolis. that was awesome. cold, but awesome. cold for the month of may anyway. went to see bruce hornsby tonight at the skagit casino. weird venue. although the theater(?) was nice. good tunes. there were 2 shows, so we went to both. he only repeated one song! we've had some crazy weather around here this winter. i guess the cold = no rain. which means decent mtbing for january. me & raz went out for a few hours today. granted, the same ride in the summer should be about 2 hours. hopefully. something to work toward. since i seem to be bouncing all over this post, it was rastus 10th birthday this week. so we celebrated with a nice night ride. i wish i could see that well without lights. it was very eerie on the mountain that night. the fog rolled in low. once you got up to some elevation, you couldn't see any city lights. some spots kinda glowed, but that was it. no moon light, and tons of stars in a clear sky. it was cool. that's enough of this randomness. oh yeah, we finally have a new president.

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