This planet has lost the amazing enigma known as Rastus. He was suffering from organ failure, and just couldn’t go on. Such a fighter! So many people have been touched by his ridiculous personality, off the charts energy, and his quirky habits. Rastus had a fun filled, active life. He’s been to many different parts of the country, and chewed the bark off a tree at every spot. He’s the best trail companion. I think he could have lead people on a ride on Galbraith better than some humans were able to. Just get used to coming down “Pollo Elastico”, that trail was his shred session. Rastus loved the water, or hated it. It was hard to tell, the way he barked and carried on when around water. “What is he doing?”, a question we were asked, often. And with no answer. I love that Buddy so much. You will be missed Rastus. If anyone is interested, I’m riding to the Animal Emergency to get Raz Monday morning and take him to Fountain Vet for one last ride in the sidecar. I’ll leave my house about 7am, and leave from the hospital close to 8am. We’ll roll through Cornwall Park, his fave. Everyone is welcome to join. R.I.P. Bubba 1/21/99-10/5/13

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I know without a doubt that riding trails is the most fun my boarder collie has. I knew him as Razz, but he was a lucky dude to have you as a riding buddy. I hope you are doing well Greg, you guys are in my thoughts.