It's been a wild winter. Not much riding, but lots of bike work. The last couple of months were a bit stressful. My super, awesome lady, Kelly, was diagnosed with melanoma. After two surgeries, and some treatment, she has been cleared! Massive relief. Life is fairly fragile, so try and live it up. Thanks to everyone who gave support. The Seattle Bike Expo is just around the corner. I won't have a booth this year, but will have 2 bikes in the Swift Ind booth, to show off there sweet bags. The classics season is starting to ramp up. This year's Ronde van Whatcom will be on saturday march 31. Send an email or give a call for more info. I'll try and post a flyer soon. Also coming in april is Pedalers Fair. A new event to celebrate handmade bikey goods in WA.

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