I think spring is finally here. Let's hope. I'm sure all of the locals know what's going on with a little place we like to ride our mt bikes, Galbraith. That place needs everyone's support! We have to keep pressure on to save that gem of a trail system. Check out Preserve Galbraith, WhIMPs, for more info and how to help. And if you're from out of town and wanting to ride there, it's currently still open, but being logged in areas. Ask one of the bikeshops in town what trails are useable/rideable.
Next weekend is the Taint Tuff II, Taint Misbehavin'! It's a little b-day celebration ride for Nat and I. Last year there were 25 riders, about 50mi of mtbing, a little rain, lots of mud, 2 beer stops(1 with bacon), a bourbon stop, and an after ride party. Everybody suffered, yet all were wearing smiles. Speaking of wearing something, this year Nat has decided to have a theme. People need to rock a mustache and some denim. Word

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