It's been a good cross season. Lots of mud, and racing. I went out to Mass. to visit and check out the scene. Great scene, lots of spectators, free beer(very good beer). Not enough mud though. People were actually running file tread tires. Unfortunately, I was the only person on a single speed. I actually couldn't believe it. The 3's class were filled both days, so I decided to race in the masters 1,2,3. I think it's pretty much 1's who aren't winning against the younger crowd anymore. So I got shelled. But I had fun. This past weekend was a Cascade Cross Series @ Sedro Woolley. Not as epic conditions as last year, but soft and wet. Sunday was the MFG finale @ Woodland Park. Super rad venue, lots of slippery goo. Then a series season ending party at Brouwers! Here's a little something to do this weekend. Meet at the Hub, and raise some loot for the food bank. You get to ride/race your bike, hang with friends, and help out the community.

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