it's been damn wet around here lately. lots of good mud racing. the one downside to spectacular cross conditions is loads of double wash laundry, and bike maintenance. sscxwc was completely off the hook. epic weekend. we had a rental house for a large portion of the washington/hodala crew. needless to say, no deposit was returned. lots of rain, mud, beer, bikes, and mayhem. if you weren't there, you really missed out. off camber, muddy downhills, a pond to ride through, stripper shortcut, thunderdome, a sabbath cover band called "rat salad", and a metal rock out with this cat nick and his freakin' sweet long bike w/sound system!! hell yeah, now i'm motivated to build something like that. oh, and the washington crew brought the sscxwc 2010 to seattle!! so start makin' plans now. it'll be good. this past weekend was the last mfg series race at woodland park. right in seattle. killer course and turnout. then an after party at brouwer's. one of my fave drinking establishments. man fall rules.

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priebe said...

Greg, Soren at Kulshan thinks you should make a fat tire snow bike. You could call it the Badonkelope