the warm weather is hanging out a bit more and more. I like it. we went over to orcas to ride mt constitution, before the may 15th trail closure to bikes for the season. rode onto the ferry, then rode to moran state park. that's a haul on a ss. great day, and sweet ride. the ride back to the ferry was overly long. we were in the saddle approx 6 1/2 hours. when we were cresting the last little incline before you ride down to the ferry, i heard the horn blow. we then ride around the corner to see the ferry 100 ft off the dock. "we missed it by that?!" so we went into the little market to get some grub, and brew. when i see a ferry pull in. i finally look at the time and realize we didn't miss our ferry at all. sweet! it was a nice boat ride with snacks and all back to anacortes.

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