the cherry blossoms are starting to fall off. it must finally be spring!joe, craig and i went for 5 1/2 hour single speed ride yesterday. they're getting ready for the cream puff. i guess i'm down with the pain as well. sweet ride though. started from the house, and headed up to galbraith for a bit. then down to samish way toward the lake. then up and up and up to blanchard on british army trail. that climb freakin' hurts. but the downhill makes it all worth it. then over to sick joke. there is nothing funny about that monster. along chuckanut mountain to hush hush. we rode the rail trails through fairhaven for a cool down. and to enjoy a rad afternoon. we finally made it back to the house, and started to think about food. craig wanted to ride the tandem downtown. joe said he was up for it, so off we went. raz came with, so i was going slow on the sidewalks. but the tandem was doing hot laps around the boulevards on railroad st. funny shit. here's the latest commuter ride. the little rack is mainly designed for loading on a bus, and not having fenders, brakes, get crushed. late, g

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