ahh, lazy sunday. it was a good day to get caught up on some shit around the homestead. the shop was in serious disarray after the week before the show. listened to the packers kick the colts ass today. just like they did last week against the seahawks. oh yeah. should've went to the bar so i could watch it. but i'd rather listen to the hometown announcers on the radio. good stuff. i'm sure many people in the bmx world heard about mike aitken's situation. if not, he has serious head trauma from a bad crash. go to www.5050bmx.com and read about mike, watch a little retrospective, and if you can, donate to his family. pro riders can't get insurance because they're "too high risk". no shit, that's what insurance is for. mikey has been a very influential rider to many shredders. his video parts are off the hook.

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