what a glorious day in b'ham! my hands got tired of filing and sanding some lugs. so me and raz cruised out for a ride. today was pretty much perfect up there. the dirt was primo, the temps were nice, and you could almost smell fall getting closer. if it could only be like this everyday. just have to hit it when it is. new caps and cycling hats are finally back from the embroider snail shop. too bad the camera is in costa rica with jill right now. when i find a way, i'll post some pics. the mt baker hill climb is tommorrow. looks like the weather will be as rad as last year. if i wasn't so outta shape, i'd head up. but the day job is taking up too much frame time. and with the show coming, that takes up some of the ride time. but that's ok. tommorrow will be a good day to mtb. g


Charlie said...

Hey Greg!

I just found your site and wanted to say hi. It's been a while, and I'm really glad to see that you are doing well.

I want a road frame, man! Will you make me one? Let me know. I have to work on the angles and stuff, or maybe you have some advice for me.

Carissa and I are in Cairo, Egypt right now. We're teaching at an embassy school, here. It's very different, but many things are similar, as well.

One thing that's cool is that we're getting to see a lot of Egypt--lots of interesting stuff here. We're also going to Thailand for Christmas--that's a trip.

I just wanted to say hi--hope you check your comments from time to time. Say hi to Jill, Kevy and Ras' for me.



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