hopefully everyone had a good holiday weekend. and didn't blow any body parts up. the trip to mt saint helens was interesting. that place is not close to b'ham. but we managed to find a nice campsite, very late at night. we left for a ride that was supposed to be 15 miles. but then we started to run into snow. a lot of it. we figured that once we got onto the road, it wouldn't be so bad. it was way worse. hundreds of yards at a time, marching through the snow, in cycling shoes. so we decided not to take the trail back to finish the loop. we probably should have. we ended up riding forever. not really sure where to go. eventually we knew where to go. drank our sorrows away that night. and enough for the next night. if you want to mtb or hike at altitude at mt saint helens, wait until september. raz had to dig kevin out. wow.

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