howdy all. here are some bmx frames with super sweet paint jobs. thanks jeff! they look rad. last weekend was the ski to sea race. it happens every year on memorial day weekend. i was asked the monday before to do the road bike leg for a team. i've always wanted to do it so i said yes. i definitely wasn't in shape for a 38 mile tt, but oh well. it was a blast. for those who don't know, the ski to sea is a team relay race. the day starts up on mt baker. cross country skiers are the first leg. they hand their time piece to the downhill skier/snowboarder. but those folks have to run up the mountain before they come down. they hand their time piece to the runners. the runners run down the road, 8 miles, that leads you to mt baker. they hand their time pieces off to the road bikers. the bikers ride from the d.o.t. station to the town of everson. there, the bikers hand off to the canoeists. the canoeists would've paddled from everson to hovander park in ferndale. i say would have because it was called off at the last minute this year. the organisers felt the nooksack river was too risky. we've had some warm temps, rain, and a late snow. so that all ends up in the rivers. every team then had to wait 2 hours before they sent off the mountain biker. the mtbers road from hovander to squalicum harbor in bellingham to hand off the reissued time piece to the sea kayakers. the kayakers paddled from the harbor across the bay to marine park in fairhaven. then ring a bell to end your race. over 80 miles traveled. pretty damn fun.
we are busy here. cross frames, mtbs, and city bikes are all being worked on. summer is trying to get here. that's it for now.
late, G

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Nice work Greg! Those are pretty!