i think my internal clock is about back to normal. falling asleep at 6pm and waking up at 3am isn't fun. the Bicycle Paper latest issue is out now. there is an article about NAHMBS, and interviews with some of the builders in the northwest. including donkelope bikes. so that's cool. sara did a good job. check www.bicyclepaper.com for the web version. in other publication news, urban velo has issue 7 in the print shop. donkelope bikes has an ad in this very nice mag. Kaveh did a sweet job on the ad. so get your issue soon. the pic is from the back side(downhill) of the Kemmelberg climb in the Ghent-Wevelgem. race organisers didn't use it because it is too dangerous. by yourself it's not, but with 200 racers going all out. gnarly. the other pic is from the Tour of Flanders on the Molenberg. George was looking strong, but didn't get it done. Mike, part of our tour group, is from Denver. he took the photo. awesome! the last pic is on the Carrefour de l´Arbre, from Paris-Roubaix. it was the last "hard" section of pavĂ©. the scene there was incredible. especially when Boonen came through in front. people went ape shit. check killer flag in background!
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