yo all, some new goings on here. integrated headtubes. k dub showed me some tricks on how to produce these. k dub came out to shred and see Fu Manchu. both happened, and both were awesome. k dub is a machinist/tool maker living in Wisco. but i'm trying to get him out to the coast. the guys up at cache creek cycles wanted some bmx frames with integrated headsets. standard press in cups will still be the norm on donkelopes. but if someone wants an integrated headset, it's an option. new tees should be here any day. pics to follow. late, g

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Hey Greg, seems we are both entering uncharted territory cause I hadn't gave the integrated headset much thought until a few days ago when one of our customers brought in his brand new norco crr 1 m6 road bike with a clunky headset and we got to find out that's just the way they are. If it causes you any trouble just go with the press fit and I'll cover the cost. Cheers Gary CCCP