yesterday was the mt baker hill climb. it turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year. it was chill in the am, but clear skies made up for that. with a closed mt baker highway until 11:30 am, i was excited for the race. it was a fast & furious start, i guess 4 grand on the line will do that. the race really spread out when everyone hit the mountain. even though it's pretty much uphill for the entire 24.5 miles. the views were spectacular! i still don't know how i ended up. i do know i didn't outrace ned overend for the 4 gs(ned got 2nd). or even the seasons pass for mt baker. but i did bomb the still closed highway. that was sweet! back in glacier, there was warm sunshine and free massages. oh yeah. lots of people hung out for the awards and raffle. jill ended up 10th overall in the women's. so that meant she was buying pizza and brew at the north fork on the way home. unbelieveable day. G

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